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Address Mujeres Con Exito is located at Baltazara de Calderon 2-26 y Miguel Velez (2 blocks west of San Sebastian Plaza)
Opening time Mon-Sat: 08.00 -18.00
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MAKE YOUR TRAVELS MEANINGFUL.Have a Big Impact in Ecuador during your visit. Simply use a small amount of space in your luggage to pack supplies needed by Mujeres Con Exito/Casa Maria Amor.

Casa Maria Amor + Mujeres Con Exito (Women with Success)

Partnering to deliver holistic treatment to victims of domestic violence

Here in Ecuador, a small South American country, domestic violence against women is a persistent societal problem. Mujeres Con Exito (Women with Success) as it is known locally provides safety, food and housing, medical treatment, counseling, and job training to victimized women.


There are many ways you can help.

Volunteers are needed for a variety of tasks. We hold several events per year, including fun events for the moms and kids, classes for the women and  special lunches and dinners showcasing our talented catering staff.  

Your financial support goes directly to housing, feeding, counseling and job training for these victims of violence.



Our services

What we do

24 Hour Emergency Hotline

When women and their children face immediate danger a trained network of helpers will rescue them. A  pre-planned course of action has been established to provide immediate relief. In communities where partnership with police is not possible, our own staff rescues the women/children from immediate danger.

Shelter for women and children

Our after care shelter is located in a secret location outside of Cuenca. The shelter can accommodate 15 families at a time and is a warm, safe and welcoming place for traumatized families.

Medical care and counseling

Women and children often come bearing the impact of violence and trauma (PTSD). Professional counseling and medical evaluation are part of the initial administration process. Ongoing counseling is available.

Meals and nutritional education

Under the guidance of a staff chef, three women cook meals for all families at the shelter. Both women and children come to the shelter with health challenges from undernourishment. We educate them on the importance of nutrition and they participate in growing vegetables in our existing greenhouse.

Employment within our ventures

Foundation Casa Maria Amor's partner organization  Mujeres Con Exito (Women with Success) consists of three small businesses - a laundry, a restaurant and a catering business. Women receive job training and profits are paid directly to them. They learn to save and several women now have their own fruit cart and can sustain their life outside the shelter.

Community bank & financial education

Women we help are often unaccustomed to the freedom of making their own financial decisions. We help them establish micro-savings accounts and they learn monthly budgeting and goal-setting.

job skills & vocational training

Through Mujeres Con Exito women receive training in cooking (catering), bookkeeping, restaurant hostessing and serving, and laundry. In the future we would like to offer more advanced training in partnership with local businesses.

Ongoing support and guidance

Women leave the shelter to restart their lives knowing they have a support network. They can always return to Casa Maria Amor and attend weekly counseling and support meetings, team up with other women/children and receive additional training.

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