Your contribution will change a life...

Casa Maria Amor/Mujeres Con Exito rely heavily on people like you. Thank you for helping empower women and children to restart their lives!

Your financial contributions truly help us now more than ever.

Your Dollars Can Really Make A Difference

How Can YOU Support Mujeres Con Exito?

Choose Your Option:

1. Drop off your Cash Donation to Mujeres Con Exito at Baltazara de Calderon 2-26 y Miguel Velez between 8am and 12 noon.

2. Deposit at JEP to our account, Cuenta de Ahorros #406039224808. Please email with your name when you have completed your donation.

3. You can donate with PayPal, please use the email address

a note about online giving

We have chosen CAF America as our partner to facilitate our online charitable donations. They will process your secure online transaction, and issue you a US tax-deductible receipt.

For over 25 years Charities Aid Foundation America (CAF America) has helped facilitate payments to international charitable organizations. They eliminate risk to donors and relieve administrative burden for small charities.

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Our needs

We are in need of both one-time gifts as well as supporters who will commit to monthly donations for our organization.

Below we have listed some examples of what your contributions can do. You have options on how to donate. (Options are listed above). If you donate in person, through our Bank Account, PayPal, or CAF, please enter your gift amount and add a note designating a specific purpose. Your donation will go to our most current need unless specified.


We Want To Thank Our Partner Organizations