casa maria amor


Matildes story

Matilde – 53 years old, afro-Ecuadorian, came to Casa Maria Amor 5 years ago, has 9 children. Matilde had been a victim of violence since she was 3 years old when she was sold. Matilde, a tireless fighter began her training process in Mujeres Con Exito with the help and support of staff. She currently works as a housekeeper in the shelter where she receives a stable salary and is insured. Her 13 year old daughter Maria has been studying ballet for 3 years and has been considered for international presentations with her dance group. Currently, Matilde also supports the organization and preparation of food for the Southern Comfort- southern food event that Casa Maria Amor offers every third Sunday of March to raise funds. 

Ruths story

Ruth- 25 years old, has 4 children, came to the shelter 5 years ago. She started her professional training process in Mujeres con Exito and, thanks to the training she received, demonstrating great skills for numbers and resource management, Ruth is currently responsible for the management of inventory, organization of resources, preparation of financial reports, review of costs as well as responsible for supervising others in the cafeteria, laundry and catering service of Mujeres Con Exito.  

Evelyns Story 

Evelyn – 24 years old. She came to the house 13 years ago together with her mother and brothers, her family received continuous support from Casa Maria Amor and, thanks to the generous support of a Canadian volunteer, she was able to study and graduate as and Educator. During her vacations, she participated in Mujeres con Exito and, thanks to the training received from the staff, the resources she received were used for mobilization, food, and other costs. She currently works at Casa Maria Amor as a teacher, educating, caring for and developing education processes with the children and adolescents of the shelter. This month, Evelyn was invited to Austria to share her story with other young people. 

Arlin – 42 years old, Columbian refugee, lived in the shelter 10 years ago with her 6 children. She began her training process at Mujeres con Exito (Women with Success) and, thanks to the training she received from the staff,  developed a professional cooking course. Later, she worked at La Terrace, one of the most important restaurants in the city and for the past 7 years she has worked at Casa Maria Amor. Here, as head chef, she provides accompaniment and training to other women beginning their process in the small businesses. Arlin has received recognition by government institutions and is one of the testimonies of survivors of violence.