Dr Grace Ordonez

Casa Maria Amor is very fortunate to receive the free dental treatment of our shelter children each Saturday morning by Dr. Grace Ordonez. Along with providing free dental care, Dr. Ordonez also teaches the children about healthy dental hygiene practices.

Grace says,

"I am so grateful to know that I have your support in order to help the most unprotected ones.
For me, to make the difference gives me a great satisfaction, helping people commits me more and more to being a better human being."

The power of a healthy smile can be life-changing. There are many families in Cuenca living in extreme poverty, leading to oral hygiene and dental care being the least of their priorities. The “YOUR SMILE MAKES ME SMILE” foundation offers free dental treatments, as well as long-term preventive care to children in Cuenca.

The foundation, started by Priscila Mendez and Dr. Grace Ordonez, arose on a night last December, explains Dr. Grace Ordonez. “I was driving to my house and before entering in my parking lot, I was stalled by a tired, depleted man accompanied by an 8-year old boy. They were crossing the street in front of me while pushing a cart full of recycling materials. The boy turned his face towards me, and with emptiness in his eyes, nodded his head to thank me. His gesture captivated me and immediately I smiled wide, but that smile was not returned, as I expected.” 

After offering the boy a toy in hopes of seeing him smile, Dr. Ordonez realized that the boy had no teeth. It was at that time that she knew she wanted do something beneficial for those families who have neither access to information nor income to maintain good oral hygiene.

Here at Casa Maria Amor, we are so grateful to receive the help of Dr. Ordonez!