Thank you to all our supporters...

International christian community cuenca

We thank Pastor Phil and all the members of the International Christian Community (ICC) Church for their constant support of Casa Marìa Amor.

Your contribution contributes to a life free of violence for women, boys and girls

Thank you for strengthening our work.

Matthew bagel store

Thank you to Matthew Bagel store for their generous donation of bread to Casa Maria Amor. All donations help the process of autonomy for the women, victims of violence, along with their children.

Also a big thank you to Expat Magazine for their reference for this donation.

Bloom Beauty Ecuador Collaboration

We would like to give a huge thank you to Tamara Gordy who is donating part of the earnings from the sale of her products at Bloom Beauty to support Casa Maria Amor and Mujeres con Exito.

When you buy your products from Bloom Beauty, you support the autonomy of women, victims of violence, and their sons and daughters. You can find her and her products on Facebook at: Bloom Beauty Ecuador.

Thanks to Tamara for supporting and being part in the fight for the rights of women and girls!

Baking is their Passion

Deborah Rodeheaver and her niece, Dawn Wolfe have created one of the most popular businesses in Cuenca, Double D's Delights. Every year, they donate hundreds of dollars worth of delicious treats for consumption at fundraising events and special events for the women and their children. They bring smiles wherever they go. 

Thank you, Kip!

We are grateful for Kip Genau, an expert in marketing, who, besides helping us in the development of our marketing plan, donated $100 for paint which was used to repaint our apartments. These apartments are a service that we offer to women, survivors of domestic violence, at a cost of $20-$30 a month. The women can find safety in Casa Maria Amor for up to one year where they can build their autonomy and focus on their family development. Below please find before and after photos of the painted apartments.

P.S. When the women leave the apartments we return the payment money to them as a type of savings fund to help them with their new beginning!

If you want to be part of this fight or the rights and autonomy of women and their children, you can help by making a donation at our website: