2018 September - November News….MariaAmorConnect

Dear Friends of Maria Amor! 

For some women safety is a luxury - but for all women, success is a possibility. Please watch the documentary again to see for yourself. Do help us through a tax-deductible donation now. Any small amount helps. Thank you. 

I know, I know --- With so many tragedies going on in the world: hurricanes, fires, landslides, earthquakes, floods, accidents - it is so overwhelming and challenging to choose among all these causes. 

Please: don't forget me and us here in Ecuador. I personally set a goal to raise $10k this year to build an emergency fund to keep the shelter open. Thanks to many friends, so far $3.250 were received. Just $50 per month (single or recurring) will make a huge difference in the long-term. 

Here is a quick overview of what's going on: 

I told you last time about our plan bringing more fun into the lives of children and the mother's, the soccer tournament was a huge success. 

Halloween Party 

The shelter, normally run to provide safety, shelter and food turned for an afternoon into a carnival. About 20 volunteers together made costumes, planned decorations, games and refreshments. Even a haunted house was created! 

Did the kids know anything about Halloween? Most likely not… but what mattered was they had so much fun and respite from their normal, tough life. 

Donations/Activities/ Random-act-of Kindness 

Preparation of food got easier and more efficient: Frank and Susan Vaughn donated a new deep fryer to the kitchen ...then paid to have a new breaker installed so both baskets of the deep fryer could be used. 

Monthly fundraiser generates around $600 

A dedicated volunteer, Judy Wright, gives us Southern Comfort. Hosted at the cafeteria at the business center, Mujeres con Exito, we have a great, hearty meal like fried chicken, BBQ, meatloaf etc. It is a great Sunday afternoon for us Expats getting together and enjoy authentic TexMex cuisine. 

Computers are always in great demand 

Equipment is usually old and outdated. Last month we received 4 new computers that will be used in the office. A Peace Corps Volunteer joined a retired one to obtain 5 Chromebooks for a small computer lab for the women .. Students from Worcester Polytechnical Institute are creating programs to instruct the women in basic computer skills. 


The greenhouse is consistently producing cabbage, broccoli, carrots etc. To make watering easier and recycle grey water, generous Rick Smith is paying for a pump, pipes, labor etc. 

Rotary Club Cupertino, California & Rotary Tomebamba Grant Application 

We are close to submitting a Grant Application underwritten by Rotary Club Tomebamba, Ecuador and Rotary Club Cupertino, USA. Several other Rotary Clubs from Northern California and one club from India is supporting this grant. Funding and budgets are secured - final touches to meet Rotary International guidelines are still needed. 

Tomebamba club has secured the support of the University of Cuenca to guarantee sustainability of programs fortrauma healing, growing healthy food and improving water supply. 


Volunteers - Nothing goes without you... 

There are close to 60 volunteers helping to organize events, provide supplies or give cash donations to help women and children rebuilding their lives. 


Questions - Suggestions- Want to visit us? 

Please contact Irmgard Lafrentz irmgard@globalpresspr.com