our november updates

October and the first half of November have been busy for staff and friends of Casa Maria Amor. We wanted to share with you all some quick updates before we head into the holiday season. 

Recent and Upcoming Events 

This past month we have held a number of exciting events at the foundation and have more to come...

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Southern comfort 

Texas Southern Cooking on the third Sunday of each month. Judy Wright and her team of volunteers buy, prepare, cook and serve their delicious food. ALL proceeds go to Casa Maria Amor. 

The October event collected $537!! Funds will be used to purchase Christmas gifts for the children and mothers at Casa Maria Amor Shelter. 

Melody Crabbe celebrated her 50th birthday

Over the feriado weekend, Melody Crabbe and friends all came together at Mujeres Con Exito to celebrate her big day. The event was complete with the help of Mujeres Con Exito catering staff. 

To find out more about how to have your next event catered by Mujeres Con Exito please reach out to Susan McBride at mcbsusan75@gmail.com. 


On October 31st, with the help of 20 amazing volunteers, Casa Maria Amor held it's first Halloween Party. Volunteers helped make costumes, games, and food for this first annual event and were able to share a little bit of their culture and fun with the women and children living at the shelter. 

The event was chaired by Melody Crabbe and Brenda Webb with Jeff Crabbe contributing time and treasure to the event. 

costumes, candy & fun

Volunteers helped make costumes for all of the children and mothers at the foundation so they could get into the holiday spirit. Costumes would not be complete without a cape, of course! 


Two of our volunteers, Deb and Dawn from DD's delights, helped give the kids a sugar rush with all of their delicious treats!


What goes great with cookies and candy...?? More candy, of course! Our Halloween party was topped off with FOUR different piñatas for the kids to take a turn at. 

Witches race

With all the mothers dressed up as witches, we could not resist having them compete to race their brooms to the finish line. 

Special Thanks to all our volunteers! 

Costumes: Carlos Moreno, Helen Mairead Keenan ,Mary Mullowney, Marilyn Kay Appel, Teresa Hardy, Veronica Dunn, Nancy Rybeck, Joan Richardson Anna Powell. Donations from Cuenca Consignments.

Games/Centers Chair -  a. Photo Booth o Jack Hardy o Danielle Drever o Margery Keenan made the backdrops b. Fish Pond o Abby Osman made the fish and fishing poles c. Bean Bag Toss o Roger Apel made the board and Marilyn Apel made the bean bags d. Musical Chairs o Margery Keenan e. Pin the Tail on the Alpaca o Anna Powell, Patricia Egge made the board and Nancy Turpin and Moria Sexton made extra tails. f. Bowling o Abby Osman o Linda Sorrento Franny Lochow donated empty drink bottles g. Face Painting o Franny Lochow o Lovey Hendon o h. Witches Hat Toss o Josh Yentin Debby and Tom Larsen made the game i. Golf o Tom Larsen o Debby Larsen bought the golf set j. Craft Center o Karin Tally Franny, Karin and Debby provided supplies k. Baby Crawl/Witches Race o Melody Crabbel. Event Photgrapher o Roger Theodos m. Balloon Animals o Roxy Carrasco Debby Larsen purchased the balloons.

Decorations:Juanita Ruth One, Dodie Lovett, and Teresa Hardy bought decorations from the USA. Francis Hogg donated some spiders from her book launch.

Haunted House: Patty Mulry, Sue Hampton, Suzan MacBryde, Abby Osman , Julia Rux

Food: Double DD's Delights

Worcester Polytechnic Institute Students set up the decorations/games and manned the stations:
Jake Pardue, Tim Fromme, Ryan Eastwood, Kevin Bimonte, Joncarlo Avila, Andrew Morrison, Alex Bogens, Sarah Butts